Faery J does not limit its services to the Netherlands.

Our motto is to Create Beautiful Memories without limits and without borders.

Destination weddings are still a popular trend. Many people think destination weddings are only in warm, luxurious and expensive locations, but that is just one of the many different types of destination weddings. These weddings are based on each bridal couple’s personalities, likes and interests and are thus unique. We can help you realize your unique destination wedding.

Have you always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding in a castle in France or Ireland? Or a romantic wedding on a Mediterranean beach in Greece or in tropical Hawaii? How about an outdoor wedding overlooking the stunning nature and scenery in Tuscany, Italy? Perhaps your dream wedding is in your birth country, with your family and forever friends who live there? Wherever your location, Faery J is happy to help you organize your destination wedding abroad.

A destination wedding involves much more organizing and planning. We can, of course, take care of everything for you. Think of plane tickets and accommodation for you and your guests, the catering and décor, the church or a marriage officiant and a trustworthy photographer. The required paperwork could give you quite a headache - documents must be translated and you possibly need a translator on location. See the extensive list under Wedding Planner.

However, a destination wedding does not have to be expensive, and you can even avoid the red tape and paperwork jumble. For example, you could get married in your own country by an officiant first and then fly off to your destination wedding. This saves you a lot of stress and all the extra costs that come with it. All you have to do is enjoy your fantastic day!

Can you picture yourself on a beautiful sandy beach in the Caribbean or on an island in Greece? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.