What could be better than hosting a wedding that your guests will remember for their entire lives? From the more significant matters to the smallest details, we will take care of everything down to the last detail. Faery J is a young and enthusiastic team of creative talents. Our fresh perspective guarantees creative, innovative, personalized, and memorable weddings. We can provide you with a Wedding Planner, Stylist, Creative Director and yes, even a Food Artist! You can leave even the smallest details of your wedding in our expert hands, and we will keep you updated every step of the way via a professional communication plan. Creativity and international influences characterize the kind of (all-inclusive/tailored) events you can expect from us.

Together, we will literally and figuratively make your day!

About Jennifer

Wedding planner

I have been passionate about organizing and planning events for at least 20 years. I started organizing parties and (commercial) events when I was 15 years old. In 2003 and 2009, I also organized beauty pageants. In 2015, I started Faery J and decided to expand to organizing weddings as well. My planning skills and my creativity are invaluable when organizing weddings. I love being able to create personalized weddings for bridal couples, and I always strive to incorporate the individuality and culture of the bridal couples and the guests in every element of the wedding. I am hands-on and value a trusting relationship so that together we can create something unforgettable. Hence the name Faery J.. A fairy is something magical and creates beautiful memories!

Jennifer Fortes

About Eli

Creative Director & Stylist

Fashion has always been my passion, so I made it my full-time business. Trends inspired me from a young age. My father always invited me along when he needed new clothes for a party, weddings, etc. I loved it, especially because it meant he valued my opinion and recognized my talent! A father knows... Whenever I saw someone on the street or at a party dressed very nicely, I would think of how I could do it differently or what I could add to complete the look. I live and breathe my passion. There is nothing more beautiful than helping a person find the perfect outfit and complete their look on the most beautiful day of their lives? Thinking about the outfits, making the outfits myself, and seeing people so satisfied with the result gives me a great feeling. Besides being a Stylist, I am also the Creative Director at Faery J. I love to be creative, and I help Jen with the decor, focusing more on the smaller details of the decoration that really influence the whole picture.

Eli Lopes